3 Best TV Sex Scenes of All Time

Master of Sex

‘Master of Sex’ is a TV show for sybaritic people. It’s a TV show where two people make a living by watching others have sex, yes, you read that correctly. Now, this scene barely involves sex yet it is so coruscating, that you can’t turn your eyes away. The lead characters blend perfectly into the theme of this TV show. It’s a true roller-coaster ride that leads up to this scene.

Game of Thrones (Season 1, Episode 2)

When we first saw Dan being sold away by his brother to a Dothraki Khal, we thought this was the beginning of the worst marriage in the history of worst marriages of all TV shows. But the scene they share in this episode changed it all. They connected physically and emotionally considerably well, given how their marriage began! Seven seasons in and this scene still remains one of the very best.

True Detectives

Now, this is one of my favorite scenes from this TV show. Woody Harrelson and Alexandra Daddario give a steamy performance in this one. Although Woody plays a substantial role in making the Season 1 of True Detective a hit, Alexanadra solely carries this scene. Woody’s character’s hands are tied while Alexandra spices things up, this is as hot as it gets. This scene alone was better than the whole Season 2!
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