3 Sexiest Women in Science Fiction Movies

Barbarella – Jane Fonda

Appearing in the movie of the same name, Fonda plays Barbarella a futuristic representative of a united Earth looking for an evil scientist and his dangerous ray gun. The plot is a typical of science fiction movies or quest movies which isn’t surprising since it is a 1986 movie, a time when science fiction was rather difficult to make and not really considered a serious film genre. However, Fonda, at one time the heartthrob of quite a lot of men delivers an excellent performance as this solo woman on a mission. A movie that is peppered with sexual references which includes an intense pleasure machine, Barbarella as a movie and character remains thoroughly enjoyable to a niche crowd.

Persephone – Monica Bellucci

Persephone and her husband are part of the older matrix program and remain in exile to avoid deletion. The beautiful Persephone is a woman with needs and she doesn’t get the old affection and attention from her husband. This is primarily what motivates her to betray him and help Neo and the resistance. One of the most beautiful women on the planet, it does not take much to imagine or figure out why Persephone made her way into this list.

Alice – Milla Jovovich

A clone who leads a war against the Umbrella corporation, a company responsible for a zombie outbreak on the world, Milla’s character is a woman who is self-sufficient, a dreaded killer and an expert in combat and weapon use. She does all this while dressed in tight leather which makes it all the more impressive, I suppose. However, her unwillingness to give up in the face of insurmountable odds makes her an attractive and impressive character.

Major Mira Killian – Scarlett Johansson

Appearing in Ghost in the Shell that received a lot of criticism for whitewashing and undertones of racism, Johansson nonetheless delivers an excellent performance. An AI with a robotic shell, she stops terrorist attacks in a futuristic society and her tendency to sometimes break protocol and her mechanic efficiency while looking smoking hot at the same time earns her a well deserved place on this list.

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