Denise Van Outen’s underage se* tape was shared around pub, her new book reveals

Denise Van Outen’s underage sex tape was shared around pubs, and her new book reveals

Denise Van Outen’s underage sex tape was shared around pub, her new book reveals

Speaking in her new book, Denise Van Outen has detailed the nightmare scenario she endured when she was 15 of having an underage sex tape used against her.

In shocking revelations from A Little Bit Of Me, Denise discusses the time that an illegal, underage sex tape of herself was shown around a pub before it was finally reported.

The 47-year-old presenter made some shocking revelations in her new book

One of the more disturbing stories in her autobiography is about the time that an illegal revenge porn tape was shown around a pub.

Denise was underage in the sex tape, as it had been filmed when she was just 15 years old.

The former EastEnders star was working on The Big Breakfast when a fan tipped her off about the illegal tape.

“He’s adamant it’s you,” the fan said to Denise.

“He told me that he’d seen it in a pub where some bloke had been flashing it around to his mates and various punters. He was showing off because it was you.”

At first, Denise was skeptical as she had no memory of filming such a tape. However, a few days later her agent learned that the Sunday papers were going to run a story on the tape.

It soon emerged that ‘Mike’, Denise’s ex-boyfriend, had filmed a sex tape of Denise losing her virginity to him at 15, without her knowledge, and had gone to the papers with it.

What else did Denise Van Outen say about the sex tape in her book?

Denise then went on to explain that the story was quickly pulled when it emerged that Denise was underage in the video. She then learned ‘Mike’s’ real motive.

“The journalist told Jimmy [Denise’s agent] that ‘Mike’ had been ready to tell all sorts of stories about me,” she continued.

“He saw me as a meal ticket, telling the journalist ‘I’ve been sitting on this for years; I knew she was going to make it.”

When questioned by police, it emerged that ‘Mike’ had recordings of “dozens of girls”. He didn’t go to prison, however.

She went on to say that when the case eventually went to court, she “couldn’t face it”.

She said: “The impact of those events has been long-lasting and debilitating.

“The idea that my first sexual experience had been recorded and shown to other people was hard to get over,” she said.

“Looking backward from my forties, I can see some of my relationships have been affected by my issues around trust over the last 20 years.”
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