Grotesque 2009: The Most Disturbing Movie

Grotesque (2009)

Grotesque (2009)

A couple is walking alone, and a man gets out of a van and hits them over the head. They’ve been kidnapped!

The girl, Aki, wakes up tied to a vertical table with a ball gag in her mouth. The man is in a similar predicament a few feet in front of her. “Do you want to go first or second?” The kidnapper asks the man, Kazuo. The torturer stabs the man repeatedly with an icepick. Kazuo passes out, and the man uses smelling salts to wake him up and stab him again. He asks the girl, “Would you die to save him?”

We flash back, and it turns out they were on their first date when they were kidnapped, so neither of them is really willing to die for the other yet. He asks if they’ve ever had sex, and they both answer no.

He’s very methodical and controlled about the whole thing; he seems very clinical about the entire process. He starts kissing and licking the girl, not so much because he enjoys it, but more to aggravate Kazuo. Then he masturbates each of them in front of each other, which is shown uncut and in complete detail. Afterward, he says the real pain will start now and chloroforms them both.

They both wake up on flat tables, and the man is wearing surgical garb. He starts up a chainsaw and removes Kazuo’s fingers. He picks them up off the floor, one by one. Then he puts some kind of paste on the wound and uses stretch film to hold it all together. He makes a necklace out of the fingers for Aki. Then he does the same to her fingers. She screams while he’s doing this, so in punishment, he cuts her nipples off as well. Then he takes off her entire right arm.

“I’m going to torture you now. If you give in, I’ll start on her, agreed?” He asks. Kazuo agrees. “I’ll start by driving these foot-long nails into your testicles. Is that OK?” Kazuo doesn’t surrender. After the testicles, his eye and penis are next.

Some time passes, and we see that they’ve been cleaned up, patched up, and alive in hospital beds. Then in comes the torturer. They haven’t been rescued; he’s simply giving them time to heal and recover a bit. They’re still chained to their beds.

He explains that he plans to release them and turn himself in as soon as he’s done with them. He adds that he’s rich and will give them all his assets when he turns himself in. Eventually, Aki and Kazuo start to believe this.

After weeks pass, the “doctor” says it’s almost time, and the two get hopeful. He reminds them to take their medication and they pass out. They wake up back in the torture room. He says he hasn’t broken his promise, he just needs a little more from them.

First, he’s going to pull out Kazuo’s intestines and tie them to the table. Kazuo can then cut through his own intestines with a pair of scissors and release Aki if he wants. He’ll die, but at least she’ll go free. The doctor does this and releases Kazuo, but he’s tied to the table by his intestines.

Kazuo crawls across the floor, reaches the scissors, and, using only his thumbs as he has no fingers, cuts through his own intestines to free himself. He cuts Aki’s legs apart. He tries to climb up to reach the tie binding her in one hand. He cuts at the rope and finds that there’s a metal cable under there; this was all a trick. He collapses without releasing her.

Aki goes on this whole monologue about how the “doctor” smells like a skunk, and it’s his whore mother that made him that way. She goes into great detail and hits him with some actual personal pity. He then finally shows some emotion as he runs her through with the chainsaw and cuts her head off with an ax. He swings so hard that her head flies through the air and bites him in the neck, nearly killing him too. Kazuo wakes up on the ground to see Aki’s head laying next to him. She spits out a chunk of meat and dies.

We then see the killer place scissors on the couple’s graves. He didn’t die. He walks down a long row of identical grave markers of what is almost certainly his previous victims. We see him in his van, stalking another victim, but now he wears deodorant.

If you’re into gore, this film can not be beat. It’s pure, unapologetic rape and torture porn, and seems to have no real story other than an excuse to watch these two innocent people get hurt. Still, it’s well-written and the gore is really just perfect. It’ll make you uncomfortable, but that’s kinda the point.
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