Lady Gaga launched herself into the public

Lady Gaga controversy: she launched herself into the public

Since Lady Gaga's life lacked a bit of emotion, the artist decided to carry out a very rock ritual that always leaves her followers satisfied. In the middle of a concert at the Lollapalooza Festival in Chicago, the pop singer threw herself into the audience.

Her security personnel suffered moments of tension when Gaga unexpectedly jumped into the gallery. Her followers could not believe her crazy action and took the opportunity to touch her and be close to the artist.

But not satisfied with having thrown once, the interpreter of "Bad Romance" returned to repeat her effusive gesture of her. As the band Semi Precious Weapons sang their songs, the band's lead singer and Gaga kissed and threw themselves into the audience together.

Once again, Gaga's outfit drew attention. The heiress to the pop reign wore a black fishnet stocking suit that she revealed skin-colored mesh underneath. On her bust, she glued some very decorative stars.


In addition, she wore a pearl necklace, round glasses with a gold frame, an embroidered jacket, and boots with fine heel that was quite dangerous for her fans. What will surprise the next?
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