Lucille Ball's natural hair color revealed

 Lucille Ball's natural hair color

Lucille Ball is known for her red hair, but did you know she wasn't born with this hair color? Ball is actually a natural brunette. Dyeing her hair red wasn't her first dye job. The iconic star dyed her hair blonde before the red even appeared. The reason she chose the blonde was her modeling career and the start of her entertainment career. Ball dyed her hair the iconic red color at the request of MGM Studios, and she went for it. Glad she did.

What really Lucille Ball's natural hair color was 

"A lot of people think it's red - it's not red at all," Kusley said in an interview for the Television Academy Foundation. “She met a very wealthy sheik and he had heard about her problem (getting the right color), he said he would send her a lifetime supply of henna, which he did!

Lucille Ball's natural hair color

Lucy was actually a natural brunette. She dyed her hair blonde, starting with the bat in her career when she was conducting her first job in Hollywood. In the early 1950s, MGM asked her to dye her hair red, and she agreed. Her hair color was actually a "golden apricot", according to her hairstylist, and she used henna conditioner, which they kept secret.

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