Photos of Kaley Cuoco Hackers filter it and the image quickly goes viral over the internet

The protagonist of "The Big Bang Theory" is again suffering from the exposure of her intimacy.

At this point, being famous, beautiful, and having intimate photos saved is the most dangerous thing that exists. And it is that the media interest in the intimate life of celebrities is costing actresses, models, singers, and socialites around the world more than a headache.

And several of the most renowned women in the world show have suffered such a crime. Through hacking and phishing, it has been possible to massively access the virtual accounts of celebrities and access all the files they have.


And this is how hackers have made publicly available private photos of a hundred famous women and some more than once, in the so-called CelebGate, such as Jennifer Lawrence, Rihanna, Scarlet Johansson, Miley Cirus, Kate Upton, Avril Lavigne, and especially from Kaley Cuoco.

The popular Penny, a character who embodies in the series "The Big Bang Theory", is once again the victim of irresponsible attacks by hackers, who once again leaked a photograph of her without her clothes.

And although the first time the actress took it with humor, this time she has not yet spoken out against this new attack that she has suffered and that shamelessly exposes her in front of her fans and onlookers.
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