The shocking reason behind shocking viral photos of Jessica Alba


The American entertainer Jessica Alba isn't just known for her ability and her support in thirty movies,

Her obvious magnificence has driven her to possess a few records connected with the most lovely ladies in media outlets and is viewed as quite possibly of the hottest lady on the planet.

That is why recently a couple of images of the actress have caused a worldwide stir after they went viral on various social media platforms. In them, Alba appears with a disfigured face full of scars.

The photos also show the protagonist of films such as The Fantastic Four and Sin City, with a bloody face and seeing only one eye.

Given the commotion caused by these postcards, it was quickly made clear that the images were taken more than seven years ago and are related to the film The Devil Under the Skin (2010), by director Michael Winterbottom, where he shared the screen with Casey Affleck and Kate Hudson.

In that tape, Alba's face was intervened by the popular make-up artist Richard Redlefsen, and it was he who shared the images a few days ago.

It should be noted that the film tells the story of a West Texas sheriff's deputy, who is gradually unmasked as a psychopathic murderer.

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