Malin Akerman Reveals Her Beauty Secrets: ‘I Stand By Second-Day Hair!’

Second-day hair? Don’t care! Billions actress Malin Akerman stopped by Us Weekly to reveal the beauty secrets she swears by. While in New York partnering with Kinder Joy which is coming to the States in early 2018, the blonde bombshell revealed her celeb beauty crush, products she won’t leave home without, and more. Watch the video to find out how the actress, 39, keeps up her flawless looks!

“Anything that moisturizes the lips. I tend to buy lip stuff everywhere I go. Anything from ChapStick, Rosebud [Lip Salve],  to Vapour which is really great because it’s all organic. I cannot leave home without it.”

Celeb Beauty Crush

“Cate Blanchett. I just think she’s so flawless, I love her style. I think she’s effortless and just cool. She just goes to the beat of her own drum and I like that about her.”

On-Set Secrets

“The great thing about makeup artists is they have all these fun creams that they put on before that makes your makeup stay on and they have these sprays that refresh your look after a few hours.”

Best Beauty Advice You’ve Ever Received

“Take care of yourself. It comes from the inside and it shines out. If you’re taking care of yourself and you’re hydrating, you’re eating well, that comes out on the exterior. If we’re tried, we’re stressed, we just look different in the mirror. I think really truly focusing on the inner, it creates the outer.”

The Key To Good Skin

“I eat lots of plant-based foods. If you can get anywhere close to 80 percent of fruits and vegetables in your diet every day then you’re on a roll… I was lucky because my mom owned a health-food store for a while so I got some inside information when I was young.”

Best Hair Tips

“I totally stand by second-day hair. I think it’s the best kind of hair. The first day just feels fluffy, especially in wintertime, it just gets static. Second-day hair is great. I love a messy head and kind of that bedhead sexy look.”

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