Maroon 5’s Adam Levine allegedly cheats on pregnant wife

Recently, Instagram model Sumner Stroh posted a series of "alleged" personal messages to her TikTok account. The post was made on September 19, and accuses Adam Levine, from Maroon 5, of having an affair with her.

The stunning charges came only multi-week after Levine's wife, Behati Prinsloo, reported her pregnancy via virtual entertainment.

Summer Stroh claimed that the "alleged" relationship between her and the Maroon 5 vocalist lasted for around a year and that the former coach of "The Voice" 'exploited' and 'manipulated' her.

"I'm just going to rip the Band-Aid off... I was having an affair with a man who is married to Victoria's Secret model," said Summer, revealing that she was talking about Levine. "I had sent some screenshots recklessly to a few friends I thought I trusted and one of them had attempted to sell to a tabloid - so here I am."

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"I am aware people are going to try and fill in the gaps with many false assumptions. I don't feel like I'm doing any favors considering the manner this had to go about," the text continued. "It's a lot to digest but hopefully, at the very least, the truth being out can do some good."

In the TikTok video, one of the messages peruses: "It is really unbelievable the way that hot you are. Like, it knocks my socks off. You are multiple times more blazing face to face. As am I hahahah," said the supposed DM from Levine.

Adding further heat to the situation, another alleged DM from Levine reads, "Ok serious question. I'm having another baby and if it's [a] boy I really want to name it Sumner. You OK with that? DEAD serious," followed by an emoji shoulder shrug.

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