Mia Khalifa doesn't feel shame anymore for what she did in past

Even after leaving the porn industry, Mia Khalifa is widely popular around the world. According to this star, she worked in the porn industry for only three months in 2014 and 2015. And through this became the top star of Pornhub.

After leaving the world of porn, Mia Khalifa had to endure a lot of hardships. Now, she feels, something goes wrong in life, which is 'unforgivable'. When people see him 'through the clothes, she is 'very ashamed.

This is what former porn star Mia Khalifa said recently in a conversation with Stephen Sakur on BBC's 'Hard Talk'. She said, exactly how many days she worked in this industry and earned from there about 10 lakhs in Bangladeshi currency.

Mia said that after joining the porn industry, her family members and friends left her. She was lonely.

"Not only was I isolated from this world, but my family and people around me also isolated me. Especially, when I quit, I was very lonely. I realized some mistakes are unforgivable. But time changes everything. Now my condition is better,' said Mia.

Former adult actress @miakhalifa tells @stephensackur

why now is the right time to talk about the dangers of getting into the porn industry and her hopes of inspiring women who are pressured into the industry. pic.twitter.com/TMxmtiEoZt

— BBC HARDtalk (@BBCHARDtalk) August 23, 2019

After leaving the porn industry, I had to go through a lot of stress. Because people used to look at him 'differently'. "I used to feel like people were looking at me through my clothes and I was so ashamed of it. I felt like I had lost all of my privacy. Because, if you search on Google, you can find me,' said Mia.

The Yanks are sleeping... here's the U.K.-only link to my full interview with @stephensackur on @BBCHARDtalk. Will also be airing a few times today on BBC World News TV. https://t.co/8ZY6CrrqMJ pic.twitter.com/2gSA8x0Hkz

— Mia K. (@miakhalifa) August 26, 2019

Mia Khalifa also talks openly about the dangers of entering the porn industry. She said it is necessary to discuss these dangers now. She also talks about being forced into the porn industry.

Apart from working as a librarian, Mia Khalifa kept herself busy with various other activities after leaving the world of porn.

Mia Khalifa exchanged rings with boyfriend Robert Sandberg last year. Swedish chef Robert proposed to this Lebanese-American sports show host and a former porn star in Chicago. Both announced the engagement on social media. Source: International Business Times, Hindustan Times.

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