What happens to the UK after Queen Elizabeth II's death

The death of British Queen Elizabeth II going to have a major impact on the public life of the United Kingdom. Several programs have already been canceled. There are various state events to pay respect to the queen. However, the schedule of these events will be announced separately. However, a BBC report revealed some possible program information.

 Will there be a bank holiday on the day of the funeral?

Queen Elizabeth II's funeral will be held in Westminster Abbey in 10-11 days. The date of the funeral will be announced at Buckingham Palace. A bank holiday may be declared on that day. However, the final decision will be announced by the royal palace and the government in this regard.

If a bank holiday is declared, schools will also be closed on that day. However, it could not be confirmed whether the school will be closed before the funeral. The education department and the concerned administration will take a decision in this regard.

What about pre-scheduled sports competitions and other events?

The BBC reports that almost all other sports scheduled for Friday, including the English Football League and the Northern Ireland Football League, will be canceled. The British Horse Racing Authority has suspended all horse racing. A similar decision has been made in golf. There will be no play at the BMW PGA Championship on Friday.

The sixth round of the 'Tour of Britain' cycle race was scheduled to take place on Friday. Due to Rani's death, the Friday event is no longer being held. The second day of the Test match between England and South Africa on Friday has also been postponed. It has not been confirmed whether the remaining five-day games will be played or not.

Thursday and Friday concerts of the BBC Proms, a music festival organized by the BBC, have been canceled. The last night of the proms on Saturday, ie the last concert has also been canceled.

However, various theater events across the UK will be held in due course. A minute's silence will be observed at the events as a mark of respect to the Queen.

The Mercury Music Prize awards ceremony was canceled after news of Queen's death was announced on Thursday.

What will happen to the announced strike program of the railway and postal department workers?

The UK's Rail, Maritime, and Transport Workers Union (RMT) have called off-strike action scheduled for the 15th and 17th in tribute to the Queen. The Transport Salaried Staffs Association also called off planned strike action in September.

The strike scheduled by the Postal Department has also been called off by the Communication Workers Union.

Will there be any other memorial service before the funeral?

A memorial service will be held at St. Paul's Cathedral on Friday. British Prime Minister and other senior ministers will attend the event.

Since Queen Elizabeth died in Scotland, her coffin will be placed in St Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh. After a few days, people will be allowed to go there en masse to pay their respects.

After that, the coffin carrying the Queen's body will be taken to London. People from all walks of life can pay their respects to the Queen at Westminster Hall for four days.

UK flags will be flown at half-mast on government buildings until the morning after the funeral. However, the national flag will be fully flown in the UK for the next 24 hours from 1am on Saturday to mark the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II's son Charles. After 24 hours it will be halved again.

Bells will be rung at Westminster Abbey, St Paul's Cathedral, and Windsor Castle on Friday in tribute to the Queen. Rani lived for 96 years. That is why 96 rounds of gun salute will be given in Hyde Park and other places.

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