Nikki Reed Shuts Down Rumors She's Feuding With Nina Dobrev With a Powerful Instagram Post

Ever since Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder tied the knot, there have been rumors that she and Somerhalder's ex-girlfriend, Vampire Diaries alum Nina Dobrev, do not get along. If you believe the tabloids, Dobrev and Reed are absolutely daggers for each other: Dobrev is jealous of Reed and Somerhalder's marriage, while Reed feels threatened by Dobrev's history with him. Of course, all of this is completely bogus, as most stories in tabloids are. Nikki Reed and Nina Dobrev know this too: That's why they've never addressed the ridiculous stories written about them—until now.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Reed shut down those nasty feud rumors once and for all, while simultaneously calling out tabloids for their sexist attitudes toward women.

According to Reed's post, she and Dobrev made a decision a few years ago to pay "baseless rumors" about them no mind. (Why to respond to trash, am I right?) However, the two had a change of heart after realizing the damage catty gossip can have on teenage girls.

"I now see that silence was taken as an opportunity to fill in the blanks with even more falsities, and juicer stories, and we, yes WE, believe we have a moral responsibility to young girls to end that narrative because, at the end of all of this, those young girls are the ones who lose," Reed wrote.

She's absolutely right. If young, impressionable girls actually believe the influx of stories that pit women against each other, they might start thinking this behavior is normal—that they, too, should bring the women around them down. This is exactly what Reed and Dobrev are trying to prevent.

"Their passion and endless devotion for a TV show is being taken advantage of, replaced with feelings of anger through divisive techniques, and even worse, their minds are being shaped and molded as their view of themselves, other girls, and what those dynamics should look like are being formed," Reed wrote.

She continued, "So here's to putting an end to all those fake stories of on-set jealousy, betrayal, made-up friendships lost, and women hating women. Because at the end of the day, that's what this is about: Teaching girls that you have to hate other girls only breeds a generation of women who believe you have to hate other women. And that's what these magazines, websites, and blogs don't understand. That is the harmful unintended consequence of their bullshit stories, and we have a moral responsibility to fix that."

Damn straight. Of course, media sexism goes beyond just creating fake catfights. Tabloids are also guilty of painting older, single women as sad and alone. They make us think actresses going through breakups are scornful and desperate, while their ex-boyfriends are living it up. And worst of all: They habitually shame women over 30 who don't have children. Reed is ready for all of this "bullshit," as she accurately dubs it, to end as well.

"Let's use this as an example of how important it is to stop this trend of writing horrible headlines about women, painting us as bitter, angry, insecure, heartbroken, childless, feuding, backstabbing monsters because, whether we want to admit it or not, it changes the way all women view themselves," she wrote. "When we write these headlines, we teach hate."

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