This Dorky Throwback Selfie of Blake Lively and Her Cat Will Make Your Day

Blake Lively's Instagram is a gold mine of great moments. From this Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants "reunion" pic to this photo of her dressed as Tweedle Dee, Lively isn't afraid to be silly and funny on social media, which is a nice change from the polished, filtered approach so many celebrities take.

And the actress continues her relatable streak with this new throwback selfie of herself and her cat. Well, I'm assuming it's her cat, but it's very possible this is just a random animal she found on the street. I don't know 13-year-old Blake Lively's life!

The photo is pretty great. In it, pubescent Lively and this cat are wearing matching red ski goggles, and she's grinning in the most 1998 way possible. You know what I'm talking about: that incredible goofy smile humans used to make before social media swooped in and made us self-conscious. Unfiltered joy! Don't you miss it?

"Because we all need to smile right now. And sometimes embarrassing, pubescent photos are the only way," Lively captioned the pic. Check it out for yourself, below:

Lively is just one of several celebrities who've posted embarrassing puberty photos in the past week. Reese Witherspoon, Aidy Bryant, Jimmy Fallon, and Josh Gad all shared hilarious throwback pics using the hashtag #PuberMe, which is helping raise funds for hurricane relief in Puerto Rico. Lively didn't use this hashtag, though, so it's unclear if she posted her photo for the same reason.

Regardless, we're very happy the snap is now a part of our lives. Everyone had an awkward stage, people—even Serena van der Woodsen.

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