Anna Paquin opens up about topless True Blood sex scene airing on BBC News

Anna Paquin was shooting a movie in Scotland last summer when she saw Twitter notifications for a "scandal on BBC," she recalled to Conan O'Brien on the host's late-night talk show on Tuesday. When she clicked, she learned one of her True Blood sex scenes had been playing in the background of a news segment on BBC Nightly News.

"I was quite excited that somebody had brought this to attention, but also I was then like, 'Holy sh–, those are my tits!' Retweet," Paquin said. "And people thought it was funny. But they're mine. I was like, I have to reclaim my own boobs. Come on! Like, free the nipple or whatever."

BBC anchor Sophie Raworth was reading a report back in August when viewers spotted an employee in the background watching an explicit scene from True Blood involving Paquin's Sookie Stackhouse, Robert Kazinsky's Warlow, and a graveyard.

"Basically what seems to have happened is some person who works for the network was watching with their headphones on, but there's a glass partition between the [bullpen] and I guess they didn't really think about it," Paquin said. "But what it went out as was that the BBC was broadcasting porn and people were asking to have their license yanked and various things."

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