Rachel McAdams reveals she has social anxiety

She's one of Hollywood's most loved actresses known for her starring roles in Mean Girls and The Notebook.

And although familiar with her bubbly and outgoing personality Rachel McAdams revealed she actually suffers from 'social anxiety.

Speaking to YahooBe on Tuesday, the 39-year-old confessed that going out to events with large crowds makes her want to 'stay home forever.

'I have a little bit of social anxiety,' she said. 

'So going to a party and talking to a bunch of strangers makes me want to stay home forever.' 

And although she continues to work through her feelings of discomfort when around many people, she added that it was her anxiety that drew her to her new role as Annie in Game Night. 

Playing the wife of actor Jason Bateman, the pair enjoy hanging out with their small group of friends eating cheese and wine while playing board games - before one member takes it too far and organizes a murder-mystery night.  

'To be able to go and do something active that everyone can do together, you end up having a lot more to talk about at the end of the night,' she added about the role's appeal.

And even more fitting, the Mean Girls star recently told the online publication Parade, that her anxiety and love for social experiments perfectly assisted her portrayal in the role.

I can be socially anxious, and I find those people are the ones that are most reticent to play games,' she explained. 

'It gives you a goal and an activity, and you can bond with people in a really natural way without having to navigate your way through social politics as much.' 

Game Night is scheduled to hit cinemas all around Australia on Thursday 22nd February 2018.

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