Seriously Awkward Moments From Jennifer Lawrence We Can't Unsee

Well, it's no surprise that Jennifer Lawrence is a pretty hot topic. To start with...she's gorgeous. Everyone knows that. Or at least everyone who isn't her. She loves nothing more than awkward and self-deprecating humor. And hey, don't get me wrong, I think that's great and hilarious. Not everyone else does though, but there's always some photo of some moment that is just pure awkwardness on the part of J-Law.

And that's what you're here looking through this article for. Who doesn't love moments when celebrities are caught looking strange or messing up lines or can't even walk? And who doesn't love the infamous wardrobe malfunction? Well, if you need to ever stock up on a few laughs at a celebrity's misfortune with a wardrobe, then just go to J-Law. She pretty well has a dress messed up every time she wears one!

But there's more to Jennifer Lawrence than just wardrobe issues. There are awkward and "mistaken" kisses, there are fat jokes made to show hosts, weird dances, photo-bombs, threats to push Taylor Swift down some stairs, awkward stories, and more. She doesn't really seem to care what the public thinks about her...and I have to say that I admire the heck out of that.

Creeping Up On Taylor Swift!

Alright, this is so wonderfully awkward and hilarious and comes in about three different stages. So, Taylor Swift is getting interviewed at the Oscars and J-Law is on her way in. She gets into the shot and creeps behind Swift as you can see in this photo. Not only did she make a live interview hilarious, but she also bombed plenty of photos.

Then, if that wasn't strange and awkward enough, J-Law walks up to T-Swizzle to say hi...but that's not where it ends. They both share a lovely "hello", and then J-Law admits that she was originally going to walk up there and shove Swift down the stairs. Sure, they know each other and are sort of friends, I guess, but you can see that awkward "WTF" moment in Swift's eyes before she tries to make a joke of the whole thing.

Jennifer Lawrence All...Plugged Up

If you think that the title of this entry could be taken in a pretty naughty way, then you're probably not too far from the reality of the story. I think it was with Seth Meyers that J-Law mentioned she would want to be a hotel maid if the acting thing didn't work out because she could do the kind of cleaning she enjoys, and snoop through other people's things. Then she tells the very strange story of how a friend bought her a bunch of plugs (allegedly for a joke) and she had them all in her hotel room.

Realizing that when she left the room for the day, a maid would be in to clean, she packed them all into a case and put them under the bed. When she returned to her room later that day, she ended up with an orderly display of plugs on the bedside tables...Try and get that out of your head.

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