Daring Act: Alexandra Daddario Takes on a Controversial Film Role

Burying the Ex

Burying the Ex

Nice guy and horror fanatic Max (Anton Yelchin) is dating the beautiful-but-manipulative Evelyn (Ashley Greene). Evelyn is an extreme environmentalist working for a blog company that promotes "going green", while Max works a dead-end job at the local horror memorabilia shop. Max often finds himself trapped trying to do whatever he can to keep Evelyn happy, including changing his diet and selling his old car. In addition to this, Max dreams of opening up a horror memorabilia shop of his own, much to Evelyn's dismay. One day at the shop, Max unloads the latest shipments and finds a Satan Genie, an object that claims it can grant anyone's wants or desires. Believing it to just be another silly item for the shop, Max places it on the shelf in the storage room and dismisses it.

Later that night, he and Evelyn have sex in the shop and make a promise to each other that they'll be together forever. Shortly thereafter, Max has Evelyn move in with him. Max and Evelyn initially decide to celebrate this new step in their relationship by grabbing a bite to eat. Wanting Evelyn to try something he enjoys for a change, Max suggests they go to a horror-themed ice cream shop run by Olivia (Alexandra Daddario). Evelyn is immediately unkind to Olivia, believing she and Max were flirting with each other. As Max pleads his case to her, Evelyn tearfully admits that she doesn't want to lose him and that he is the only thing in her life that has made her happy since her mother's death.

The film has quite a lot of disturbing yet hilarious graphic moments that you would expect from a zombie film. There is just this one sex scene in the entire movie where Olivia (Alexandra Daddario) has a quickie with Max in a car. This scene only lasts for a few seconds but as long we get to admire Alexandra’s hotness, we’re okay with pretty much anything, aren’t we?

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