Donald Trump has had inappropriate desires towards his daughter Ivanka Trump

 Donald Trump Desire His Daughter Ivanka Father And Daughter Incest

Donald Trump Desire His Daughter Ivanka

For several years, Donald Trump has openly declared his twisted fascination with the beauty of his daughters. Especially for the older Ivanka.

Here are some more inappropriate comments he has made toward his daughters. Even when they were just little girls.

1.- In a program, Trump said and brags about Ivanka's good body. You know she's one of the world's great beauties, according to everyone, and I helped create her.

Said Trump, my daughter Ivanka is 1.83 centimeters tall, she has the best body of hers.

2.- When asked what he thought about Ivanka's possible appearance in Playboy magazine, Trump said: she would be very disappointing, but it depends on what she finds inside the magazine. I don't think Ivanka would do something like that, even though she has a very good figure. And Trump also said, if Ivanka wasn't my daughter, he would be dating her.

The most chilling thing about this statement is that he said it in front of Ivanka herself. They just rolled their eyes and laughed. The hosts of the program said enough!!, enough!!, it is very rare for you to say it, it is uncomfortable, enough!!.

3.- Another statement that he told Rolling Stone magazine, Ivanka is really beautiful, and if I weren't happily married and if I wasn't her father, you already know.

4.- In another program, a driver asked them about the favorite thing that they both had in common. Ivanka answered that golf. But Donald Trump gave a twisted response. Well, I was going to say the sex of it, but I can't count on it.

Donald Trump Desire His Daughter Ivanka

5.- In another program, Ivanka appeared as a surprise, and she greeted the driver and her father with a kiss on the cheek. According to an audience member, the host said it was nice to see a daughter kiss her father, to which Trump replied: I kiss her as often as she can. That statement was edited out of the video shown on broadcast television. But audience members spread Trump's bizarre statement on social media.

6.- All this becomes even murkier when you take into account that Trump has several complaints of s*xual harassment and rape, including that of a minor under 13 years of age, and his ex-wife, Ivanka's mother, who denounced Trump for having been s*xually violent with her. The rape claim was withdrawn because they reached a settlement, and Trump stated that she did not use the word rape in the criminal sense.
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