Margot Robbie snubs MAFS pest Nasser Sultan at Babylon premiere in Sydney

Sydney’s State Theatre transformed on Monday night for the star-studded Australian premiere of Babylon. Stars Margot Robbie, Diego Calva, Samara Weaving and Phoebe Tonkin walked the red carpet to support the Hollywood blockbuster.

Aussie celebrities also turned out in droves, with many TV and radio personalities attending Paramount’s big night out. While the event attracted popular Aussie stars like comedian Celeste Barber and Heartbreak High’s Josh Heuston, a number of reality TV contestants from shows like MAFS and The Bachelor also turned up.

Margot Robbie's arrival was highly anticipated by fans, who went wild as she walked the red carpet with her bodyguards. Once Nasser Sultan, a contestant from the reality TV show MAFS, spotted the Australian icon, he quickly made his way to try to take a photo with her. 

Sultan has previously been accused of "gate crashing" other high-profile events for publicity.

When Nasser Sultan, the 55-year-old reality star, quickly approached Margot Robbie to greet her, he was embarrassed when she completely ignored him. She continued to walk the carpet towards a group of screaming fans, leaving Sultan standing awkwardly.

An onlooker reported to Yahoo Lifestyle that "As soon as Nasser saw Margot, he immediately went to her with a big smile on his face and said hello. However, she didn't acknowledge him and continued to walk towards her fans with her bodyguards. 

It was awkward, Nasser just stopped and watched her walk away." The source also added that Margot was more focused on spending time with fans who had waited patiently to meet her, she took the time to sign autographs and take selfies with them.

It is believed that Nasser Sultan's goal was to attend the ARIAs as media and try to interview musicians for a small website, which resulted in him standing in a crowded pen with other journalists. 

However, he later snuck out of the pen and onto the actual red carpet and spent the rest of the evening narrowly avoiding security. According to a source, Nasser thought he would be considered one of the big celebrity guests and had spent weeks planning his outfit and thought he would be walking the carpet and interviewing all the big names inside. 

He was disappointed when he arrived and found out he was stuck behind a barrier. Nasser ended up sharing photos and videos of himself on social media, drinking champagne on the red carpet and posing in front of a photo wall. He also later posted a three-minute video from inside the venue.

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